Barbarossa Umtrunk


Regnum Sanctum Regnum Sanctum
(SkullLine, 2008)
Glazialkosmogonie Glazialkosmogonie
(SkullLine, 2009)
Wehrwolf Dharma Wehrwolf Dharma
(UFA Muzak, 2010)
Agharti Agharti
(Twilight Records, 2010)
Der Talisman des Rosenkreuzers Der Talisman des Rosenkreuzers
(UFA Muzak, 2012)
La Fraternité Polaire La Fraternité Polaire
(Twilight Records, 2013)
La Fosse de Babel La Fosse de Babel
(Old Europa Cafe, 2014)
Tagebuch eines Krieges Tagebuch eines Krieges
(SkullLine, 2016)
Endkampf Endkampf
(SkullLine, 2018)
Vestiges et Brumes des Anciens Cycles Vestiges et Brumes des Anciens Cycles
(, 2020)


Scontrum act V Scontrum act V (War Office Propaganda, 2005)
Thule Gesellschaft Thule Gesellschaft w/Seuchensturm
(SkullLine, 2009)
72 Candles in Cairo 72 Candles in Cairo w/Kazeria [KZ]
(SkullLine, 2009)
Le Siècle des Grands Abbatoirs Le Siècle des Grands Abbatoirs w/Front Sonore
(SkullLine, 2009)
La Couronne de Glace La Couronne de Glace w/Schattenspiel
(SkullLine, 2010)
Distant Shores of Hvetramannaland Distant Shores of Hvetramannaland w/Dronerune
(UFA Muzak, 2011)
Apokatastasis Apokatastasis w/Front Sonore
(SkullLine, 2012)
Bautismo de Fuego – Le Dernier Battaillon Bautismo de Fuego – Le Dernier Battaillon w/Escuadron de la Muerte
(UFA Muzak, 2013)
La Clairière des Eaux Mortes La Clairière des Eaux Mortes w/Pale Roses
(Old Europa Cafe, 2013)
L’Age Noir L’Age Noir w/Le Revers Sanglant
(SkullLine, 2014)
Airyanem Vaejah Airyanem Vaejah w/Saturn Form Essence
(Vibrio Cholerae Records, 2015)
72 Candles in Cairo : second edition 72 Candles in Cairo : second edition w/Kazeria [KZ]
(SkullLine, 2015)
Mushaf Ar Rash Mushaf Ar Rash w/Primordial Avantgarde
(SkullLine, 2018)

Remix & Special Guests

Remix of the track "Intro" for the ltd edition of Westwind "Le Vent Divin" (Neuropa Records, 2005)

Remix of "A Travers l'Europe" for the special Edition of Sinweldi "Acta Fabula Est" (SkullLine, 2010)

Collaborations for 3 songs on Schattenspiel "Schattenkrieger" (UFA Muzak, 2010)

Guest with Igniis and Schattenspiel for one song on Ouroboros "Somnium" (9th meridian records, 2011)

Guest for one song on Schattenspiel : Follow the White Rabbit (NihilArt records, 2011)

Guest for two tracks on TSIDMZ (ThuleSehnsucht In Der MaschinenZeit) "Pax Deorum Hominumque" (Old Europa Cafe, 2012)

Guest for one track on Front Sonore "Winter" (SkullLine, 2012)

Guest for two songs on Schattenspiel : Missing in Action and presumed Dead (Daidalos Records, 2012)

Vir Martialis: Metapolemos II the Spiritual Aesthetics of War (Twilight Records, 2012)

Vir Martialis: Hierophanie-Prelude to a War of the Future (Rage in Eden, 2013)

Schattenspiel/Verney 1826 : Reclusion of Sun & Moon (SkullLine, 2012)

Pale roses: The Rutted Road (Ahnstern/Steinklang records, 2012)

TSIDMZ (Thulesehnsucht in der Maschinenzeit) : René Guénon et la Tradition Primordiale (Old Europa Cafe, 2015)

Hyperborei : The Invisible Army (Twilight Records, 2015)

Various Artists

War Office Propaganda Promo Sampler 2006 (WOP, 2006)

Brewery In Piotrkow Trybunalski (Beast of Prey, 2006)

La Salamandre Une Compilation Vol. 2 (Editions Eleusis, 2007)

Parole in Liberta, tribute to F.T Marinetti (Creative Fields Records, 2007)

Free Tibet Free (Dark-transmission, 2008)

A Japanese Crash Compilation (La Salamandre, 2008)

Heiliges Licht presents : Landwirtschaft (Kaos-Ex-Machina netlabel, 2008)

Free Your Mind (SkullLine, 2008)

In the Sign of the Runes – Tribute to Guido Von List (SkullLine, 2008)

Tribute to the Dead Soldiers vol.1 (La Caverne du Dragon, 2009)

La Salamandre Une Compilation Vol.4 (Editions Eleusis, 2009)

French Collaboration (La Caverne du Dragon, 2009)

Not Our World Alone (Pavillon36 Recordings, 2009)

Tribute to the Dead Soldiers vol.2 (La Caverne du Dragon, 2009)

Tales from the Grotesque and Arabesque: Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe (Quartier23/Notariqon, 2009)

Kalpamantra Ritus Terrae Prolis (Notariqon, 2010)

Do What You Will (Notariqon, 2010)

Torture Garden (Shinto records, 2010)

Barbarossa Umtrunk & Rex The Ninth presents: AR-RAD Middle Eastern Solidarity Compilation (Free DL, 2010)

Winter Solstice (Free DL-Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum, 2010)

Sturmreif: the new underground of Military Pop (Strahlkraft fanzine/Castellum Stoufenburc, 2010)

Zeitgeist, the Compilation part V (AmexNori, 2011)

The Seven Deadly Sins vol.2 : Luxuria (Free DL, 2011)

The Seven Deadly Sins vol.5 : Avaritia (Free DL, 2011)

Winter Solstice 2011 (Free DL-Vita Ignes Corpus Lignum, 2011)

Remember Chernobyl_25th Anniversary Project (Ambientaria records, 2011)

The Age of Anxiety (Free DL-Hesperus Records, 2012)

Procédé Andrussow volume 1 (Cyanure prod., 2012)

Winter Moon (Sade Association, 2012)

Best Of 7 Years (SkullLine, 2012)

Do What Thou Will, second edition (Sombre Soniks, 2012)

Walking Ghost Phase/Mayas Sievert (Cyanure prod., 2012)

Passendale 1917 (SkullLine, 2012)

Vox Populi (Cyanure prod., 2013)

Hiroshima (SkullLine, 2013)

Sturmreif II (Castellum Stoufenburc, 2014)

Licht und Schatten – A tribute to Schattenspiel (SkullLine, 2014)

Solidarity Compilation for Donbass (Noises of Russia, 2015)

Tribute to the movie Ivan the Terrible (-, 2015)

Eurasian Artists Association, the fourth Revolution (digital DL, 2015)

Procédé Andrussow Vol II (Cyanur prod, 2015)

Priez pour Paris (Cyanur Prod, 2015)

Pray for Lebanon (Cyanur prod, 2016)

Dua for Syria (Cyanur prod, 2016)